The venue of your wedding

Losi Manor is not just a wedding venue: it is a different concept of weddings. Here you can find what We think about weddings, and we hope it is also what You are looking for!


In case of a weekend wedding, you can arrive at 6 pm on Friday, to start preparation and decoration, with the team of your closest friends or family (15 people). You can spend the night here, and on the next day, we will start your day with an awesome breakfast. On Sunday, you can freely stay until 2 pm.

We do not host Friday or Sunday weddings, but you can have weekday weddings too! The same three-day rule applies here as well, typically from Wednesday 6 pm to Sunday 2 pm. Having a wedding on Thursday is cool!


Only a half-an-hour drive from Budapest, on M2 highway you can easily get to the jewel of the Danube Bend, Verőce. Only 3 km from the town, in the valley of the Losi creek, you can find the Manor. First you will stumble upon our horses on their huge grazing field, then drive by the lake, the forest, and finally you get to the barn. Pay attention, because our goats love to cross the roads, and you will be welcomed by our dogs.


If your dream ceremony is in a forest, on a lakeside or in the middle of the field, you will most likely find your location in our Manor. The officials from Verőce often come to hold the ceremony in the Manor, or you can bring your own master of ceremony or religious person.


The main location of the wedding is the Barn. If the weather is nice, you can have the feast under the trees as well. If it rains, or the sun is too strong, the Barn is a perfect getaway and party place. It also houses bathrooms, dance area, a summer kitchen, and 100-year-old rustic mood.

Log house

1938: the year that is painted above the door of the house. I was built back then, in the Carpathians, and moved to Losi Manor in 2020. The small separate apartment on the ground floor will be your honeymoon suite, overlooking the lake, and another 14 guests can stay in the house.

You need more accommodation? Luckily, Verőce is a tourist centre, you can find more than 800 guest beds within 15 km-s. If you want to spend the night here, you can find the accommodation type most suited for you, or get back to Budapest within half an hour.

Glamping Tents

For those who crave sleeping in nature without sacrificing comfort, our tents set up under the trees in the forest are perfect for spending the night. Each tent features two double beds with hotel-quality mattresses and fresh bedding, as well as a convertible sofa, accommodating 4-6 people.

There’s a carpet on the floor – of course, there’s also a floor, raised from the ground. The high ceiling – at 3.5 meters – ensures dressing won’t be an issue. When the dancing is over, the string lights guide you back to the tent: feel free to turn on the lights and charge your phone; every tent is equipped with electricity. You don’t have to worry about cool evenings either; each tent is heated with a siesta stove.

The 4 glamping tents comfortably accommodate 16 people, with a maximum capacity of 24 people.

You can make your own table arrangement, as you wish. We can show you some typical floor plans but you are free to design your own as well. We provide rustic wood tables, white chiavari chairs  with cushions. You can find outlets at the columns, where you can plug in your own design lights. You can do the decoration for yourself or you are free to bring any decorator you choose.

We give you the tables, chairs, the nice interior: even if you do not bring decoration, it looks wonderful! If the weather is nice, you can have the seating under the trees as well, keeping the barn as the party place.


The heart of the weddings in the Manor. In the east wing of the ‘T’ shaped building, you can find the bathrooms (3 stalls for women and 3 for men, and also showers), in the west wing you can find the summer kitchen. The clear area of the barn is 250 m2, you can have the dinner and the dancing here as well.

The barn is comfortable for 100-150 guests, 180 is a little tight, but the total maximum is 200 guests. You can have larger weddings than that, but for those you need to bring special equipment (for example extra tent).


There are some favorite spots for ceremonies, but you can also choose your own! If you plan to have a church wedding, the Saint Andras church at Verőce is a beautiful place!


The afternoon sun reflecting on the lake, and trees overhanging from the hillside and a romantic pier is a special location for a ceremony.


Close to the barn, the wooded area gives a nice shade, but the sun rays also find the way among the leaves to shine on your wedding.


Just look around and find the perfect spot that is closest to your heart! Go to the creek, to the oak trees, or to the grazing fields.

Mood board

What is a ‘Losi’ wedding like?

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Log house

The log house is the heart of the preparation: sitting on the shady porch, you can prepare your makeup and hairdo in natural light, and you can also spend the night here.


When the guests arrive, during the afternoon or next day we welcome you to take part in the life of the manor, see the animals, partake in milking.

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