Losi Manor

Wedding and event venue

Are you looking for a truly special, nature centered venue? Where the goats, sheep, horses, donkey and alpaca roam freely on 13 hectares, around the lake or in the oak forest,  and where You can be also part of a Manor’s life.

The scenic view is a picturesque background, but only a small part of a true ‘Losi’ event: our main concepts are attention to details, uniqueness and exclusivity. Our main priority is to give you freedom in your choices, your Big Day shall be just as you imagined.

Our offer is different from a typical wedding venue: we provide you the location, accommodation, chairs and tables, expenses, kitchen, most of the things you will definitely need. You can bring the rest to make your event unique: food, drinks, decoration, music, without any limitations or extra fees.

The 260 m2 Barn provides rain-safe, covered area for the feast and the party, the two side wings of the building house the restrooms and the kitchen.

Under the shade of the oak forest, a 100-year-old log house (moved here from the Carpathians) awaits you for the night. The honeymoon suite is located on the first floor, overlooking the lake; and another 14 guests can stay in the house. From the outside, the house might seem small, but it hides 4 rooms, each with bathrooms.

For the party crowd there is an alternative accommodation, the glamping tents. Another 24 guests can stay in 4 fully equipped tents, thus totaling to 40 guests sleeping in comfortable beds. The tents are heated, with a wooden floor, they have lights and outlets, and furnished with thick mattresses and bedsheets.

Even more easygoing guests? They can stay in their own tents, caravans, hammocks, as many as you want.

HERE STARTS FOREVER AFTER Where else? In the Lósi Manor!

What can you find in the Manor?



From the end of April to the middle of October.

Number of guests

We host weddings around 100 guests, between 60 and 180.

Main point of interest

At Losi Manor, one weekend is one wedding; from Friday 6 pm to Sunday 2 pm the whole place is exclusively used for one wedding. During the weekdays we can host another wedding, typically from Wednesday 6 pm to Friday 2 pm.



From the end of April to the middle of October on weekdays

Number of guests

In the summer season, we can seat up to 180 guests in the barn. We gladly host smaller groups too.

In the winter season, we can only accept small gatherings (maximum 14 guests) in the Log house, because the Barn is not heated.

Main point of interest

For the events, we always provide exclusivity, and free choice of providers. You are free to bring your own food, drink and music.

Photo shoots


Any season, but mainly on weekdays


Engagement photos, family photography, movies, short films, video clips, anything is welcome!

Main point of interest

There is a minimum rental time of 3 hours for photo shootings, but it can be as long as you want. For prices, please refer to the following link

and goatcheese

What kind of animals are there?

Goats, sheep, alpaca, donkey, dogs, cats, horses

What can we do with them?

Our animals are mainly pets, even the livestock. We do not host horseriding services.


Our most useful animals are the goats; we milk them twice a day to make cheese. If you want to buy from our cheese, contact us in email, on facebook or call us!


Our calendar is informative, but not 100% exact – please contact us before booking.


If you have any questions, want to know our prices, please contact us on the following addresses:


Szilvia Petka +36307568399
Gabor Baracsi +36306554933

My family and other animals

in the manor

Do you want to know what else Losi Manor is? Who is behind it? What kind of animals we have? What else we do? Look around here!