Dear Guests,

The residents and staff of Lósi Manor (hereinafter referred to as Majoritás) strive to ensure that your stay and relaxation in Lósi Manor meet all your expectations. The following house rules apply to all guests (and residents) participating in any events held at Manor.

The entire Manor area covers 13 hectares, including accommodations, the barn suitable for events, as well as the stream, pastures, and vegetable gardens. To protect our guests and the animals (and plants) living in Manor, please adhere to the following basic rules.


Permission is required for starting a fire, and fires are not allowed without supervision from Majoritás (haystacks, straw bales, and wooden cabins are particularly susceptible to fire).

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the buildings! Smoking is allowed outdoors, except within 5 meters of entrances, but please do not discard cigarette butts under any circumstances. This is both due to the risk of fire and for the protection of animals and nature.


Please do not feed the animals living on the Manor premises (cats, dogs, chickens, horses, goats, sheep, alpacas). Majoritás is well aware of the animals’ needs, and inappropriate quality, type, or quantity of food can cause serious harm to them. If you wish to feed them, we will gladly provide you optimal food for theem.

Grazing fields are equipped with electric fences. Please do not touch them, as it is unpleasant and can be harmful. If you wish to pet the animals, find a member of Majoritás who is available, and they will gladly guide you among the animals. This is especially important for your and the animals’ safety. Our animals are generally friendly and accustomed to humans, but improper approach may scare them.

Our dogs are responsible for protecting the estate from wild animals, so they roam freely. Since the Manor is located in the middle of the forest, various wild animals (foxes, deer, wild boars) may enter, causing harm by stealing chickens and small animals. Our dogs are friendly and get along well with other dogs after a brief introduction. You are allowed to bring dogs to the estate, but please introduce them to the local dogs in our presence upon arrival.


The gravel roads within Manor ensure easy transportation of large amounts of equipment for events. Please avoid parking on the grass under any circumstances or driving on the lawn to reach the barn!

Parking outside the designated area within Manor is prohibited. We provide access for unloading, but please park your vehicles in the designated parking area afterward. Despite this, we remind owners of cars parked on the grass to park properly; failure to comply after a warning will result in a fine of HUF 5,000 per vehicle. For events, this amount will be deducted from the deposit.


Please pay close attention to your children, as the Manor area contains many interesting yet potentially hazardous elements for them (fire, animals, ditches,lake,  tools, etc.). Minors may not stay within the Manor area without the supervision of an adult.


The accommodations in Manor are simple rural guest rooms. Clean bedding is provided for the rooms. We supply toilet paper and liquid soap in the bathrooms. Towels are available in the closets for your use. We do not clean the rooms during your stay, but brooms and mops are available for your use.

For weddings or other private events, the person renting the area (e.g., the couple) decides on the use of rooms and arrangements. Unfortunately, Majoritás cannot assist with questions or changes related to this.

If you wish to camp on the Manor premises, please contact a member of Majoritás who will guide you on suitable and practical tent locations.


The tourist trail in the vicinity, popular for cycling and hiking, runs alongside our Manor. Although the Manor is fenced, during events, the gates are open. Majoritás is unfamiliar with guests attending weddings or other large events, and we cannot identify those who may be on the premises without authorization. The area is not monitored by cameras or guards, so please be mindful of your valuables and personal belongings. Lock doors and windows when you are not in your room. We do not take responsibility for cash or valuable items (e.g., cameras, jewelry, car keys) left in the accommodation.


Any damage caused within the Manor area must be reimbursed by the responsible party or their legal representative. This also applies to damage caused by small animals or pets, which the owner is obligated to compensate for. For weddings or private events, the organizer, as indicated by the event deposit, covers damages caused by their guests.

Please note that Majoritás cannot take responsibility or provide compensation for damages resulting from events beyond our control (natural disasters, hail, fire, power outage, etc.). Additionally, take care of yourselves: Majoritás cannot be held responsible for accidents that occur within the Manor.

Majoritás reserves the right to warn guests behaving disruptively or causing problems to adhere to the house rules. If they still do not comply, we reserve the right to expel them from the Manor premises without any compensation for damages.

Rooms (unless specified otherwise in the quote or contract) are available from 18:00 on the day of arrival, and guests must vacate the rooms by 12:00 at the latest.

Claims or complaints can only be addressed during your stay, and retrospective claims will not be accepted.

Please deposit any found items to us, and we will try to locate their owners. If the rightful owner claims the item by providing a description, we will return it to them.

In case of an accident or emergency, please notify Majoritás immediately. If any equipment malfunctions, please report it promptly so we can make repairs.