About us

Dear reader!

Below you can read our introduction, the history how we came to the Losi Major.

My name is Szilvia Petka, and together with Gabor Baracsi we spent the last 10 years with crazy things. We both studied at Budapest University of Technology and Economics as architectural engineers, and until the spring of 2016, we worked as architects. In the last few years, we mainly designed the interior of restaurants and hotels. Although from the sidewalk, but we fell in love with this life.

Gabor loves horses, tales and roleplaying since he was a child. You would think this is something you grow out: or, you might just have to find a couple who loves the same things. When he was 18, he started a roleplaying camp for children, called Sindeon, and many of us joined his cause. Since 2001, a great children community formed around the nonprofit foundation. The kids come back every summer for our camps, and some who are too old for participating, become organizers. Gabor makes fantastic armours and swords for them, and I sew the costumes. This camp has grown during the years, and it is a great event, where the participants can become knights, kings, queens or wizards. The kids also love the Manor, and there is no weekend when none of them visit us for some  playing or crafting.

Until 2016, we organized this camp in our holiday time (which was scare, considering we worked in architecture). We found it fitting to the knightly live to learn how to ride a horse, and fell in love with these majestic animals: right now, we have 4 horses of our own.

It caused us a great trouble every year to find the perfect spot for the camp. For 10 years, Köveskál was the home of Sindeon, then we spent 3 years in Nagykovácsi. We also had camps in the most beautiful areas of Hungary: Várgesztes, Cserhátszentiván, Bakonyszentlászló, just to mention a few towns. But finding a fitting place was also hard (where can you bring your own horse?). We dreamed about a place that we can call our own.

One of our friends mentioned a beautiful place, which would be ideal for us. We visited the owner, Farkas Bethlen, who explained that he closed the farm, he can not run it any longer. We talked for quite a while, and two months later, we closed the door to our apartment in Budapest, quit our jobs at the architectural firm, and moved here to Verőce with our dog and two horses. The number of animals increased exponentially, with goats, sheep, cats, dogs, more horses and an alpaca.

We finally found the dream place of our camp, but we also realized we can not run it by ourselves. Happily some members of our foundations (who were previously childrens of the camp, later organizers) joined us, and we started it together.

When walking around the farm, we thought it would be a great place for weddings. In the first year, 11 couples fell in love with the place, and since that, there is no stopping: we love the parties and the different crowd that visits us.

For weddings, we chose a different concept than most places: one weekend, one wedding, from Friday to Sunday. Friday is preparation day, Saturday is for party, and Sunday is for saying goodbyes. For weddings, you can have the place as your own for the weekend: you are free to eat, drink, decorate as you want – with your own service company or yourself.

The weekdays are for the children camps, and for the farm. We love our goats and make better and better goat cheese. We can not wait for spring, when the new babies are born and the milk season starts. We love planting, making elderberry juice, home made jem, cooking in the oven. We never stop upgrading, two architects always find something that could be improved.

If you would like a nice place for your wedding, company gathering, family party or just hiking, or spending a romantic weekend, please contact us! When we do not have exclusive events, you are free to come to see the farm as well.