1938 – this is the date painted above the door; this is the year when the house was originally built in the Carpathians. 2020 – rebuilt in Verőce, updated to today’s needs, and welcomes guests ever since!







Spring to Fall

Wedding venue accommodation

In the summer season, the Losi Manor works only as an event venue. The Log House is part of the event, as accommodation for the wedding guests, and the dressing rooms for the groom and the bride. The house can not be rented separately from the farm during summer.

Fall to Spring

Hidden getaway in the woods

In the middle of October, when the wedding season ends, we close down the Barn, pack away the tents and the chiavary chairs. This is when the other life of the house starts. With some furniture rearrangement, one room becomes a community-living room, and the other 3 rooms can still host 14 guests.