Our animals

Lots of animals live in the manor, and although most of them could be considered as livestock, here they are all treated as pets.


The most useful animals of the farm are the goats. We milk them twice a day during the season, and use it to make our own goatcheese. Our cheese rarely has a chance to leave the farm, the guests who come to the events and of course our team eats it faster than that. However, if you want to buy, contact us!


The biggest area of the farm is the grazing field of the horses. It is not for their exclusive use, the goats and sheep also actively hunt for the best bite of grass there. They are also mostly our pets, we do not give horseriding lessons. However they are great photo partners, easily convinced for posing with some apple or carrot.

Stars of the farm

All our animals are friendly with guests, but the most photographed ones are the biggest stars, Egbert, Janos and Csipke.



Everyone easily falls in love with the big eyes of Egbert, and wants to take a selfie with him. He has an emo teenagers hairstyle, the intelligence of a big bunny, and a very shy personality, but that makes him even more appealing.



János could live with the horses on the big field, but it was his decision to be part of the small herd instead; he roams with the goats and the alpaca, where he is the largest and the boss; instead of being the smallest horse.



Csipke and Pirike, an untypical friendship between a wild boar and a pot-bellied pig, are hidden at the end of the farm. Do not climb in or pet them; they are cute but Csipke has nice little pocketknives in her mouth.

Classic Pets

Not only exotic, livestock and wild animals live at us, a farm is not a farm without dogs and cats.

Klasszikusabb háziállatok

Nemcsak egzotikus és vad állatok vannak a Majorban, a klasszikus kutya-macska gyűjtés sem hiányozhat.