The Losi Major is an event location. Most of our programs are weddings, company meetings, class trips, or family and friend gatherings. However, it is also possible to visit us with a smaller group, or even alone.

Please check our calendar for availability! 

One year in the manor 

When the spring and the warm weather comes, the wedding season starts in the manor. From the end of April to the middle of October, the weekends are planned by couples 1,5 – 2 years in advance. As you can see from our calendar, you have to book a weekend very much in advance. The season weekends are reserved for events renting whole Manor.

Nowadays it is more and more popular to organize weddings on weekdays, especially during the summer holiday. In the main season (from the middle of May to the middle of September) the weekdays are also reserved for bigger events. Beside an event on the weekend, we only allow one other event during the week. The remaining one-two days are hardly enough to mown the grass, and do the works in the manor, so sadly we can not accept guests.

Fall is the best time for hiking. The Börzsöny mountains turn into beautiful colors. We are glad to host smaller or bigger family, friend or company gatherings. From the fall, you can hardly see the Barn as an event center: we store hay bales and wood inside, and let the water down. Thus, it can not be used until the spring comes.

Life does not stop during wintertime: the tile stoves burn hot, and although the weather can be harsh, the snowy hillsides are perfect for sleighing. In the warm inn, you can enjoy a hot wine or tea after the snowy trip.

Early spring is the time for young animals: the baby sheep and goats are born from the beginning of March, and soon we start milking the goats and making cheese. No one can go by without petting them!


Not only large groups, families, couples can also have a great time at the manor.

Prices for accomodation: 

The price contains: bedsheets (changed once a week), towels, using the kitchenettes, enjoying the manor, befriending the animals. You can build a campfire. The price contains water and electricity bills, and the final cleaning. Please carefully read through our policies! During your stay, you have to clean your own accomodation.

Log houses

Our log houses are perfect accomodations for families. The price is independent of the guest number,

20.000 HUF / house / night
6 beds / house.

For smaller groups (2-18 people) we recommend renting log houses! 


We recommend our Pension for 20 to 40 guests. Renting the Pension means renting all the 10 rooms – for smaller number of guests it is more comfortable, for a larger number of guests it is cheaper. The community area of the Pension is perfect for parties, playing, hosting small conferences. It is equipped with Wi-Fi and projector screen.

One night: 150.000 HUF
Two or more nights:  120.000 HUF / night

The price includes heating as well.

In case you would like to rent the whole manor exclusively, please ask for a quote! 

Community areas

Inn:  perfect for 30, maximum 40 guests. For community programs, conferences or parties please ask for a quote!

Our Barn can fit up to 200 people, comfortably for 150 people. It can only be used during season (end of April to middle of October). The Barn can not be rented separately, only with exclusivity of the whole Manor.

When renting the Pension, the price includes using the community area of the pension.

Food prices

For smaller gatherings (up to maximum 40 people) we take on cooking. There is no restaurant in the Manor. Please, if you would like to dine here, talk to us in advance! We will calculate the price for you.

When cooking, we prefer our own goat cheese, the eggs from our chickens, and vegetables from our own garden, depending on the season. We do not like hungry guests: here you will not find restaurant portions, only typical countryside soup bowls, and full platters.

Our typical prices are the following:


Includes bread, home made jam, vegetables, scrambled eggs / fried eggs, home made goat cheese (from April to September), tea, lemonade, coffee.

1.500 HUF/person

Lunch / Dinner

Two courses, either soup and second, or second and dessert

3.000 HUF/person

We do not sell drinks in the Inn! If you wish, we are happy to provide a drink package for your event.

Children’s camps, School trips

To support children spending time in nature, please ask for our discount price offer!

The prices on the website are only informative, please always contact us for availability and prices!