Log houses

Be part of a truly unique experience of living in a traditional log house. You can choose between three houses, named “Dancer” (Táncos), “Whist” (Csendes), and “Shroud” (Árnyas).

Each of the houses were built 100-150 years ago in the Subcarpathians, where they provided home, warmth, peace and quiet for generations. These feelings traveled alongside with the houses to Verőce, and you can experience them while staying at us. You can be part of traditional life and values. The houses are equipped with the comforts of today’s, but still continue the traditions of our anchestors.

The houses are equipped to be self-sustainable. A small kitchenette with fire stove, a bathroom with shower and toilet, a small room for 2, and a large room for 4 people to sleep. On colder nights, the houses can be heated.

We recommend it for families, couples, or for anyone wishing to try something new far away from the city. The houses do not provide what you expect in a typical hotel room: they are truly unique, quiet and friendly.


On the highest part of the hilltop lies the house “Whist” – the veranda of the house serves as a lookout for the manor. Since most of the times it serves as a honeymooner house, it is one of the most romantic one: light wooden furniture, a beautiful mirrored dressing table, and carpets with roses. The heating is provided by a tile stove.



The middle one of the three houses hides between the bushes coming down from the chapel hill. It has the biggest floor area of the three houses, so we could easily fit a corner bench and a table in the bigger room. This house is furnished and decorated to resemble the classic village mood: blue wooden crates, chairs with the traditional heart cut, an old wooden table, painted plates. The heat is provided by a tile stove.


The log houses closest to the Barn: during weddings, we recommend it to those who love to dance, and does not want to sleep until the music stops. After the wedding season, this is one of the most popular house: the bathroom window opens to the horses grazing area. The furniture is more modern than the other two: green and yellow, brightful carpets, retro kitchen furniture. The heat is provided by infra panels, providing heat in a short time. The kitchen has no wooden stove, but an electrical hot plate.