The Losi Major is not only an event center, but a little farm as well. 

Please, do not feed the animals at the farm! We have dogs, cats, chickens, horses, goats, sheep and alpaca. We know very well the needs of our animals, and too much (or different than usual) food can cause serious damage to them. If you want to feed, please find us, and we will provide you with suitable food for them! Please do not trespass the areas of the electric fences! Most of our animals are friendly, but they might be scared from strangers.



The largest population of animals in the farm – and also the most useful ones – are our goats. Brader, our nubian male goat and the lots of his girlfriends spend the days outside in the grazing field, and return to their courtyard at sundown. We turn most of the milk into goatcheese, and try to mature it in the cheese cellar (but most of the times, it gets eaten).


Although Béla and Betti are our favorites, they are not very useful. Their children are very cute, and although they are not very useful, at least they are are bio-lawnmovers.


What does an alpaca do at a hungarian farm? It all started because of Jose, our first (white) alpaka. They are similar to lamas, although much more friendly, and they do not spit. Egbert is about as clever as a huge rabbit, and loves carrots!


They provide eggs for the farm, and sadly not only us, but the foxes love them too. Luckily, we have Szamoca the komondor protecting them.

Dogs and cats

On our farm, you can see the three most typical hungarian dog breeds:

Nimrod, our vizsla should be a hunter, but he is mostly just a couch-protector. A sullen old dog, who takes care of the younger dogs, but sleeps in a bed. Although it is not a typical job for a vizsla, he is very good at sheperding.

Szamoca, our huge white komondor girl has to protect the farm. She is very social, can not wait for guests to arrive, and loves children. You can see her on many pictures, she would never miss a photograph!

Borka, the little black puli should be a speherd dog, but she prefers guarding the farm with Szamoca, and she makes sure that we empty the trash bins regularly (otherwise, she does that).

We also have a little stray dog, Gabi, who was left at the gates of our farm. He is half cat, very friendly with them.

We have five cats who take care of the mouses. They have a hard job, we store lots of grain, and mices love that. They divide the farm between themselves.

Animals you would rarely meet

The free folk, the hungarian ‘racka’ sheep are very scared of people, except for the yearly shearing, they can hardly be seen. Chuch, the mini hedgehog is an indoor animal, running his kilometer in the wheel.


We have four of our own horses, and one boarded mare. They use the biggest area of the manor (not counting the cats). The horses are our own friends, rarely used by anyone else.


Beside the animals, we take care of plants as well. From spring, we plant the seedlings, so our guests always have fresh tomatoes and paprika. The creek bed is full with elderberry, and in the spring, we try to make enough elderberry syrup to last at least during summer.